Laboratory of Methods in Biochemistry and Microbiology AA 2023-2024

The course contributes to the realization of the learning objectives of the Degree in Biological Sciences (Morphological-Functional, Biochemical-Molecular, and Ecological-Environmental areas) by giving an overview of the main methodologies and techniques in biochemistry and microbiology. The fields of application are industrial, clinical, and environmental.  Lectures and lab practicals are devoted to preparing the students for applicative approaches and to lab activity.

Methods in Biochemistry Module

The theoretical and practical basis of: Protein extraction; Purification; Structural/functional enzyme characterization and most advanced protein studies methods.

Applied Microbiology Module

At the end of the course, students should acquire knowledge and lab skills in: Main pathogenic microorganisms and their identification and pathology; Diagnostic methods in bacteriology and critical analysis of results;Antibiotic resistance, mechanism and prevention strategies;Microorganisms in industry and production; Bioremediation mediated by microbes; Innovative vaccinal strategies; Next Generation sequencing in microbiology